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Choosing a New Furnace: Some Tips

It’s hard to admit that summer is coming to an end, but with cold days and even colder nights ahead, it’s time to start thinking about your heating system. If

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Seal Up Air Leaks for Heating Season — or Anytime

The beautiful Tucson cold season is right around the corner, and lowering your heating expenses may be easier than you think. One of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to save

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Which Is the Right Furnace Filter?

Regularly changing the furnace filter is important to the efficient operation of your HVAC system.There are several types of furnace filters available to the homeowner. The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV)

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Try Out These Simple Energy-Saving Tips

As residents of the Tucson area, we’re lucky to enjoy relatively mild, dry winters during a typical year, but our hot summers mean skyrocketing temperatures. These extremes can shoot your

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5 Plants That Decrease Toxins in Your Home

You will typically find more air pollution in your indoor air than you will find outside. While home air purifiers can make it easier to breath, there are also houseplants

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Lots of Insulation Choices: Get the Right Type for Tucson

Adding insulation to your home’s attic and exterior walls will immediately reduce your utility bills and improve indoor comfort. Therefore, the careful selection of insulating material is important to maximize

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Even Though It’s Still Warm in Tucson, Schedule Your Furnace Inspection

The fall lull between air conditioning and heating seasons is the perfect time to take care of essential furnace maintenance. By scheduling your furnace inspection now, you’ll have peace of

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Questions About Sump Pumps? We’ve Got Answers

Buying a home is no doubt one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to do what it takes to protect your investment and your family.

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Programmable Thermostat: The Next Step After You Throw Out the Manual Model

If you still have a reliable manual thermostat, you may not see any reason to get rid of it. However, with advances in temperature control technology, you are wasting time

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Clean A/C Coils: Why They Matter

Your air conditioner (A/C) functions based on a series of steps designed to facilitate heat transfer. It takes heat from the air in your home, and transfers it outside. The

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