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Secure Your Home With This Pre-Departure Winter Vacation Checklist

Your bags are packed and you’ve made travel and hotel arrangement. You’re all ready for a fun-filled vacation, but is your home ready for you to leave it behind? Here’s

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Go Green This Winter With These Energy-Saving Tips

We’re fortunate to have a mild winter climate here in Tucson, but there are still things you can do to go “green” and save energy during the season. The following

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Get Ready for Your Furnace Inspection

Cooler fall temperatures are your signal that it’s time for a furnace inspection. Getting your furnace checked before you turn it on this winter can save money on your energy

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The Ceiling Fans in Your Tucson Home: Optimizing Both Comfort and Savings

The summer heat in Tucson is legendary, but easier to manage when you combine ceiling fans with your home’s cooling system. Although all fans make you feel cooler, those that

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Want To Cut Your Heating Bills This Winter? Here’s How

Tucson homeowners know that it can get cold during the winter months, which can lead to a spike in heating bills. But warming your home doesn’t have to cost you

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Ductless Mini Splits: Everything A Heat Pump Offers, And Then Some

Although you may never have heard of them, ductless mini-splits heat-pump systems are becoming more and more popular with greater Tucson-area homeowners. If you need to install air conditioning in

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Troubleshooting Your Ailing A/C

One thing you don’t want when it’s hot outside is an ailing A/C. Before you call your HVAC contractor, try some easy troubleshooting. Here are some common problems and remedies.

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Your Programmable Thermostat: Making The Smart Decision

For many years a thermostat has been a fairly basic device — not much more than an on/off switch, really. But more Arizonans are discovering that a programmable thermostat has

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How To Operate Your Heat-Pump Thermostat For Maximum Effect In Arizona’s Climate

Between September and December, the average low temperature in Tucson can plummet nearly 30 degrees before the long cooling season begins. These two different climate scenarios challenge your heat pump

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Is Heat-Pump Maintenance More Difficult Than Caring For A Conventional System?

Tuscon homeowners often choose to install heat pumps to take care of their heating and cooling needs because they are so efficient. You might be wondering how difficult they are

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