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Reduce Allergy Attack-Causing Airborne Dust In 8 Simple Steps

Vicious heat isn’t the only thing you need to worry about in the city of Tucson. You must also tend to the accumulation of airborne dust in your home. Left

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Using a Humidifier Can Boost Comfort, Health In Your Tucson Home

If your skin is itching and the sparks flying indoors this winter, it’s probably time to think about using a humidifier to add more moisture to your air. The humidity

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Breathe Easier, Boost Efficiency with the Proper Ventilation System

With energy efficiency being an important consideration in the building/remodeling of today’s homes, many are closed up and insulated to the point of being almost totally airtight. While this is

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Ductwork Issues? Consider Scheduling a Professional Cleaning

When dealing with southern Arizona’s hot summers and dusty air, it’s important to have a properly functioning air conditioning system. Clean air ducts are crucial when it comes to providing you

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Allergies Leaving You Breathless? Follow These 5 Indoor Air Quality Tips

Thanks to the recent changes in construction methods and new and improved building materials, today’s homes are more efficient and airtight than ever before. The result is lower energy costs

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Why Higher-Efficiency Air Filters Are Worth the Money

Air filters look fairly simple so it’s easy to underestimate the benefits the right filter can provide in your home. Higher-efficiency filters give you both cleaner air and lower heating

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Tight Ductwork Is the Key to Getting the Most Out of Your Heating or Cooling

Imagine your home as a living entity. The heart of this entity is your cooling and heating system. It takes the used, stale air out and replaces it with fresh,

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Dust Is Always an Issue in Tucson; Learn How to Defeat It

No matter how hard you try to get rid of it in your Tucson area home, dust is a fact of life. It gets everywhere, coating your entire home if

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Even in Tucson’s Mild Winter, Heat Loss Can Affect Your Energy Bill

While southern Arizona has an enviable mild winter, you’ll still be heating your home. Saving energy by reducing heat loss from your home will lower your energy bills until spring

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Forced Air Furnace: How It Keeps You Warm

Most of us grew up staying warm and cozy as a result of a forced air furnace. Yet, we tend to take for granted these HVAC workhorses. Understanding how they

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