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Ways to Weatherize Your Home Year Round

To weatherize your home and reduce energy bills, all it takes is a little time and a small investment. These tips will help you deal with the extreme temperatures we experience,

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Before You Buy a Whole House Ventilation System, Check Out These Tips

If you want to have control over the climate inside your home, installing the right whole house ventilation system is crucial. Ventilation controls the pressure, and thus airflow, in and

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Water Heater Problems? Buying Tips To Consider When Shopping

One of the last things you ever want to think about is replacing your hot water heater. You may think about replacing your air conditioner, replacing your heating system or

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Money and Energy Saving Tips While You Relax on the Beach

Taking a summer break from Tucson is a smart idea during the summer heat. Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, consider your home energy use when you’re

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Water Heater Basics — Setting the Correct Temperature For Your Home

Did you know that you can save money and increase the working life of your water heater by simply readjusting its temperature? Most water heaters come set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit,

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Don’t Let Your Savings Go Down the Pipes — Purchase a Water Efficient Toilet

If one or more of the toilets in your home was manufactured before 1994, you are almost certainly sending up to seven gallons of water down the pipes with every

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Is Your A/C Full of Hot Air? A Refrigerant Charge May Cool It Off

Air conditioners rely on a self-contained supply of refrigerant gas to cool the air running out of the system and into your home. This gas should remain at a consistent

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Ice on Your A/C? Call a Professional to Help

There’s no doubt about it, summer in Tucson is HOT! Even the spring and fall can be scorching, even at the high altitude. It’s not unusual to run the air

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Ductless Mini Split Maintenance: What You Can Do to Keep It Clean

Even though they’re already quite energy efficient, ductless mini split maintenance will help you get even more from these HVAC systems. While your mini split should get professional maintenance at

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Is Heat-Pump Maintenance More Difficult Than Caring For A Conventional System?

Tuscon homeowners often choose to install heat pumps to take care of their heating and cooling needs because they are so efficient. You might be wondering how difficult they are

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