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Get Your HVAC System Maintenance Now — Ahead of the Cooling Season Rush

When your cooling system is functioning properly, it’s easy to forget the importance of HVAC system maintenance. Preventive maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently. Many homeowners are unaware

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How Efficient a Furnace or Heat Pump Do You Need in Tucson?

When you’re selecting a new furnace or heat pump, you may be debating about how efficient it needs to be to heat your home. All central heating and cooling equipment

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Your UV Lights Work Better and Brighter With Occasional Maintenance

The air quality in your Tucson area home is an essential component of your overall health and quality of life. To ensure clean air, an increasing number of homeowners are

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Check Your Insulation Before Winter

Since cooling and heating accounts for up to 70 percent of your home’s energy use, it’s important to inspect your home’s current insulation to determine if any upgrades are needed, whether adding to existing

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Furnace Replacement Due? These Questions Can Help You Decide

The cooling season is here, and furnaces that may have sat idle through most of the year are back in service. But for some homeowners, the heating season may begin

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Even in Tucson’s Mild Winter, Heat Loss Can Affect Your Energy Bill

While southern Arizona has an enviable mild winter, you’ll still be heating your home. Saving energy by reducing heat loss from your home will lower your energy bills until spring

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Forced Air Furnace: How It Keeps You Warm

Most of us grew up staying warm and cozy as a result of a forced air furnace. Yet, we tend to take for granted these HVAC workhorses. Understanding how they

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How Old Is Your Ductwork? How to Tell if It’s Time to Scrap It

Ductwork is an essential part of a central HVAC system, and without properly designed and maintained ductwork, conditioned air won’t ever get to the various rooms in your house. But

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Air Cleaners and Then Some: Some Information That Can Guide Your Shopping

Because the Tucson area is surrounded by desert and mountains, and the climate runs from mild to hot, dust and pollen are real issue year-round. Many homeowners in this region

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Insulation: Fall Is the Perfect Time to Reassess Yours

You may know that good insulation is the best way to keep the heat outside during the summer and inside during the winter. In a typical home, heating and cooling

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