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Insulation: Fall Is the Perfect Time to Reassess Yours

You may know that good insulation is the best way to keep the heat outside during the summer and inside during the winter. In a typical home, heating and cooling

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Solar Heating And Cooling: Learn The Benefits

Homeowners who opt for a solar heating and cooling system to generate electricity for their HVAC systems, as well as their other home appliances, position themselves for significant savings. If you’re

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One Scary Cause Of Low Refrigerant That You May Not Have Considered

Low refrigerant levels in your air-conditioning (A/C) unit create a domino effect of decreased cooling efficiency and potential damage to your A/C. Low refrigerant levels can be due to a

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Sizing Your New Water Heater

Sizing a water heater is one step in the process of determining the best type and model for your home. How to size depends upon the type. Sizing an on-demand or

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Attic Insulation: For More Comfort Downstairs, Boost What You Have Upstairs

When faced with warm weather, your HVAC system works harder to keep you comfortable. One way to ease the workload on your equipment: add more attic insulation.

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A Zoning System: For Custom Comfort In All Areas Of Your Home

Is your home’s upstairs too hot, downstairs too cold and basement too humid? Uneven climate control is a common problem in houses everywhere. The problem: One thermostat just can’t keep up

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Your Air Conditioner: A Learner’s Guide To Its Inner Workings

Your air conditioner works similarly to a refrigerator, but it cools a space much larger than the insulated box in your kitchen. To better understand the repairs that your A/C may

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Heat Pump Trouble? Try These Tips To Get It Going Again

With Tucson’s summer temperatures peaking at nearly 100 degrees, it’s important to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape. You’ll need its heat transfer capability to remove warm air from

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Avoiding Water Damage When You’re Running Your A/C Nonstop

If you’ve ever looked an air conditioner over after it has been running for a while, you know that it can produce quite a bit of condensation. It’s important to

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With Freon Prices Rising, It Might Be A Good Time To Replace An Aging A/C

Think gasoline prices these days are painful? Then Freon prices are really going to give you a shock. R-22–also known by the brand name Freon– is the refrigerant used is

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