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How Efficient a Furnace or Heat Pump Do You Need in Tucson?

When you’re selecting a new furnace or heat pump, you may be debating about how efficient it needs to be to heat your home. All central heating and cooling equipment

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A Programmable Thermostat Works Differently With a Heat Pump

If you heat your Tucson area home or business with a heat pump, make sure that you are programming it correctly to balance comfort and energy savings. Moreover, if you

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Making Your Home Ready for That New Heat Pump

If you’re getting a new heat pump this summer, preparing your home ahead of time will make a difference in its initial cost and your ongoing energy bills. The factors that

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Heat Pump Problems? Here’s What’s Going On

Heat pumps work as temperature highways that bring wanted heat into your home and transfer undesired heat out of it. They’re a commodity that we often take for granted, but

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Heat Pump Icing Up? Pinpointing the Cause

A heat pump can develop ice on the outdoor condenser due to weather conditions or mechanical problems. In our climate, however, most of the causes for this phenomenon have their

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Choosing Features for Your Heat Pump

Even in Tucson, the winter evenings can get quite chilly. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to dip into the 20s or 30s at least a couple of times a season.

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Ductless Mini Splits: Everything A Heat Pump Offers, And Then Some

Although you may never have heard of them, ductless mini-splits heat-pump systems are becoming more and more popular with greater Tucson-area homeowners. If you need to install air conditioning in

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Professional Heat Pump Maintenance — Why It’s Essential To Year-Round Comfort And Savings

You can never go wrong with annual professional heat pump maintenance. There are indeed tasks that homeowners can do throughout the year to keep their heat pumps in optimal condition.

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Heat Pump Trouble? Try These Tips To Get It Going Again

With Tucson’s summer temperatures peaking at nearly 100 degrees, it’s important to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape. You’ll need its heat transfer capability to remove warm air from

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Your Heat Pump: Tend To It While You’re Taking Care Of The Yard

When you’re out in your yard tidying up, remember that it’s your heat pump that’s going to cool you off when you go back indoors. Take a little time to

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