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WaterSense Makes Good Sense: A Guide to Water Efficiency

Like the Energy Star rating system designed to alert consumers to appliances that are energy efficient, WaterSense is a system designed by the Environmental Protection Agency to let you know

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10 Water Savings Tips for Your Tucson, AZ Home

Water conservation is important no matter where you live, but it’s especially vital in Tucson’s desert climate. Use these 10 water savings tips to simultaneously save money, reduce pollution and

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Go Green This Winter With These Energy-Saving Tips

We’re fortunate to have a mild winter climate here in Tucson, but there are still things you can do to go “green” and save energy during the season. The following

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Insulation: Fall Is the Perfect Time to Reassess Yours

You may know that good insulation is the best way to keep the heat outside during the summer and inside during the winter. In a typical home, heating and cooling

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The Ceiling Fans in Your Tucson Home: Optimizing Both Comfort and Savings

The summer heat in Tucson is legendary, but easier to manage when you combine ceiling fans with your home’s cooling system. Although all fans make you feel cooler, those that

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Understand HVAC Efficiency Ratings To Get More Bang For Your Buck

HVAC efficiency ratings are the key to energy savings and lower utility bills. There are other things that factor into your HVAC decisions also but the foundation for savings is

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The Energy Star Yardstick: A Tool That’s Handy When You Want To See How Your Home Measures Up

The Energy Star Yardstick is a very useful tool for assessing your home’s fuel efficiency. An efficient home saves you money on energy bills and is good for the environment.

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Seal Your Ductwork, And Plug The Drain On Your Pocketbook

It costs money to keep a Tucson-area home at a comfortable temperature. In fact, about half of your total electricity and gas bills go towards running the HVAC system. If

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Program Your Thermostat Before You Leave For Vacation, And You’ll Have More Money To Spend On Your Trip

Planning a trip requires checking a lot of tasks off your to-do list. One important task to include is programming your thermostat for your absence. After all, what’s the purpose

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