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Excessive Moisture on Your Windows Could Be a Warning Sign

When you see moisture on your windows, the first thought is something must be wrong with the windows. The fact is that the problem may not be the window at

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Don’t Blast Your A/C — Reduce Use and Maintain Your Cool

Arizona residents are used to soaring temperatures during the summer. But you don’t have to run your A/C non-stop to keep your cool. Beat the Tuscon heat without having to blast your A/C by using

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Water Heater Problems? Buying Tips To Consider When Shopping

One of the last things you ever want to think about is replacing your hot water heater. You may think about replacing your air conditioner, replacing your heating system or

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Money and Energy Saving Tips While You Relax on the Beach

Taking a summer break from Tucson is a smart idea during the summer heat. Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, consider your home energy use when you’re

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Don’t Come Home to Water Damage — Steps to Prevent It From Happening

Water damage to your home can be particularly distressing and expensive. Leaks can occur for any number of reasons. Galvanized pipe and plumbing fixture supply lines have a definite lifespan

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Improve Your Home’s Efficiency By Adding Attic Insulation

Like any Tucson homeowner, you want to keep abreast of the best, most cost-efficient methods for maintaining your HVAC equipment and reducing home electricity usage. Keeping your home well sealed

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Water Heater Basics — Setting the Correct Temperature For Your Home

Did you know that you can save money and increase the working life of your water heater by simply readjusting its temperature? Most water heaters come set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit,

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Don’t Let Your Savings Go Down the Pipes — Purchase a Water Efficient Toilet

If one or more of the toilets in your home was manufactured before 1994, you are almost certainly sending up to seven gallons of water down the pipes with every

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Shine a Light on Fungus — A UV Light

Fungus and mold are typically used interchangeably, but regardless of what you call it, fungus is bad for your health and can also cause damage to your home. One of

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Tips for Keeping Your Sewer Clear of Roots

Do you have issues with roots growing in your Tucson home’s piping network? Tree and shrub roots commonly grow towards sewer systems because they have all of the nutrients, water, and

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