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Programmable Thermostat: The Next Step After You Throw Out the Manual Model

If you still have a reliable manual thermostat, you may not see any reason to get rid of it. However, with advances in temperature control technology, you are wasting time

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Clean A/C Coils: Why They Matter

Your air conditioner (A/C) functions based on a series of steps designed to facilitate heat transfer. It takes heat from the air in your home, and transfers it outside. The

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Kids Back in School? Reap the Benefits With These Energy Saving Tips

If you have kids running around the home during summer, it’s likely that your energy bills shot up a considerable amount. During the fall, when children return to their regular

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Questions for Your HVAC Contractor

Is it time to hire an HVAC contractor for your Tucson home? If your heating and cooling system is more than 15 years old and isn’t performing as well as it

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The Benefits of Blown In Insulation for Your Tucson Home

Insulation helps to keep your home comfortable both in the winter and in the summer. Often, due to the short winters, many homes in the Tuscon area are under-insulated, which

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Plumbing Problems? Don’t Pick Up the Phone Until You’ve Tried These Troubleshooting Tips

During the summer, certain plumbing problems become more likely to cause problems in your Tuscon area home, due to seasonal issues such as summer storms or extra usage from children

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Toilet Leaking? Pointers to Know for Sure

A toilet leak may not be enough to double or triple your water bill, but it’s still wasteful. Fixing a toilet leak is as easy as replacing the flapper, but

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Basic Plumbing Maintenance for the New Homeowner

Buying a home is exciting, and chances are you’ve had yours checked out by a professional before you purchased. While most homes will have adequate plumbing when you move in,

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Dust Eliminating Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Whether you suffer from allergies or are tired of spending a lot of time cleaning the surfaces in your home, dust can impact the quality of your life in a

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Learn How the Parts of Your HVAC System Make Up the Whole

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the heart and lungs of home comfort. Their functions are different, but their respective jobs for providing maximum home comfort in

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