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Learn How the Parts of Your HVAC System Make Up the Whole

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the heart and lungs of home comfort. Their functions are different, but their respective jobs for providing maximum home comfort in

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Ice on Your A/C? Call a Professional to Help

There’s no doubt about it, summer in Tucson is HOT! Even the spring and fall can be scorching, even at the high altitude. It’s not unusual to run the air

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Reverse Your Ceiling Fan in Your Arizona Home and See the Benefits

It may sound counter-intuitive to have your ceiling fan running in the winter, but doing so can bring benefits. If you know which direction your fan should be running and

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AFUE, SEER and HSPR: Essentials Term Related to Your HVAC System

Knowing some HVAC technical lingo is helpful thing for homeowners, both in dealing with your current system as well as when it is time to upgrade. These acronyms all refer

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Keeping the Upstairs Cool Can Be Difficult If You Don’t Follow These Helpful Pointers

Scorching summer heat can make upstairs living nearly unbearable. Even the best air conditioner has difficulty keeping upstairs spaces cool and comfortable. Why? It’s simple; because heat rises. To keep

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Algae In The Drain Pan: Your Prevention Strategy

Mold and algae in the drain pan are health hazards no Tucson-area homeowner wants to find in their home. Unfortunately, your air conditioner can create an environment that welcomes them.

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NATE Certification: Your Assurance That The Job Will Get Done Right

NATE certification is a sure sign that a technician has been thoroughly trained and tested, with extensive knowledge in his or her field. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is the

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With As Much As Arizonians Need Their A/Cs, Preventive Maintenance Should Not Be Ignored

During an Arizona summer, your cooling system is the difference between your home being comfortable or uninhabitable. It is critical for the well-being of yourself, your family and your pets.

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Program Your Thermostat Before You Leave For Vacation, And You’ll Have More Money To Spend On Your Trip

Planning a trip requires checking a lot of tasks off your to-do list. One important task to include is programming your thermostat for your absence. After all, what’s the purpose

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