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Get Your HVAC System Maintenance Now — Ahead of the Cooling Season Rush

When your cooling system is functioning properly, it’s easy to forget the importance of HVAC system maintenance. Preventive maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently. Many homeowners are unaware

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Forced Air Furnace: How It Keeps You Warm

Most of us grew up staying warm and cozy as a result of a forced air furnace. Yet, we tend to take for granted these HVAC workhorses. Understanding how they

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Interviewing HVAC Contractors? Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

A reliable air conditioner is a must-have in southern Arizona, so it’s not surprising that homeowners frequently are looking for HVAC contractors to repair, tune up or replace their cooling

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Looking for a New Air Conditioner? Should You Go With a Room or Central Unit?

If you have decided to invest in a new air conditioner, the next decision you must make is whether you need a room air conditioner or a central forced-air system.

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Have You Changed Your Air Filters Lately? 3 Reasons You Should Do It Today

Air filters are an undervalued component of the HVAC system. Homeowners usually pay close attention to the thermostat, listen for trouble in the motor and feel the airflow coming out

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Don’t Fall For These Energy-Savings Myths

The Arizona heat has homeowners trying all sorts of energy-savings tricks and tips. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths floating around out there that will not actually help you

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Ductless Mini Splits: Everything A Heat Pump Offers, And Then Some

Although you may never have heard of them, ductless mini-splits heat-pump systems are becoming more and more popular with greater Tucson-area homeowners. If you need to install air conditioning in

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Those Noises Your Air Conditioner’s Making: They Mean Something

When it is working right, your air conditioner makes some noise. That is just a fact of life when you are dealing with machinery. However, if your air conditioner starts

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Your A/C And Ceiling Fans: Your Savings Are Better When You Use Them Together

Keeping your Tucson area home cool is an expensive task in the summer. Energy-efficient HVAC equipment helps, but most homeowners are happy to find any additional methods they can use

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High-Efficiency Air Conditioners — Have You Considered The Benefits of Upgrading?

Are you in the market for a new air conditioning (A/C) system? If so, you should consider that you could gain immeasurable benefits from investing in a high-efficiency A/C system. 

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