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Use This Yardstick To Perform Your Own Energy Audit

Is the grass really greener on the other side? When you perform an energy audit with the Energy Star Yardstick you can easily find out how your home stacks up

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A Professional Energy Evaluation Can Be A Real Money Saver

Looking for ways to save energy and cut down on your energy bills, but don’t know where to start? Consider contacting a local HVAC contractor to have a professional energy

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Here’s How To Cut Your Energy Consumption

Now that the long, hot summer is over, it’s a good time to take steps to cut your energy consumption, since it’s comfortable to work around your home and the

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The DIY Energy Assessment: A 1-Day Weekend Project That Offers Long-Term Savings

Looking for a productive weekend project? Try doing an energy assessment of your home. You can come up with great long-term savings as we start preparing for summer in the

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Want To Save Energy But Your Budget Limits What You Can Do? Use This Energy-Saving Checklist

Using an energy-saving checklist is a great way to lower your annual heating and cooling costs while at the same time reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Try implementing the ideas in

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HVAC Motor Efficiency Impacts Energy Savings: Here’s What You Need To Know

Your HVAC motor efficiency has a large impact not just on your energy savings, but on your comfort as well. If you have an old HVAC motor, you may be

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Drawing Up A Long-Term Energy-Savings Strategy

Smart homeowners know that energy costs should not be thought of only when paying the electric bill. It’s important to develop a long-term strategy to save energy for years to

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Take Advantage Of Those Energy Tax Credits While They’re Still Available

With energy prices on the rise, upgrading your home comfort equipment to increase energy efficiency is always a wise move. It’s an especially good idea now, before certain federal tax

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Nine Ways To Boost Your Energy Savings That Won’t Cost You A Cent

Energy savings is more important today than ever before because of rising energy costs.

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Attic Fans Are A Key Strategy To Whole-House Comfort

It may seem counterproductive to insulate an attic only to encourage airflow with vents and attic fans, but it’s this combination that is essential to whole-house comfort. In the summer,

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