Don’t Let Energy Vampires Drain Your Budget

energy costs tucson arizonaIf you’re one of those people who takes every step you can to ensure energy savings, you could be missing out on a few extra dollars if you don’t address energy vampires. Scattered throughout your home, energy vampires are electronics and appliances that draw electricity even when they’re not in use.

This process is also often called stand-by power, because your coffeemaker, for instance, might be off, but if it’s still plugged in, it’s drawing power to run the clock. If you’re looking for a way to save some more energy dollars, assess your home’s devices. If they’re not providing any sort of function when they’re still plugged in, unplug them. These are the types of devices you should look at as you assess your home:

  • Home office equipment, such as printers
  • Electronics
  • Coffeemaker
  • Cell phone chargers and the like
  • Power tools
  • Computers
  • MP3 players

You may be thinking, “How much of a difference will actually unplugging these energy vampires really make?” The answer: a lot. The Department of Energy’s Energy Savers program, which  is dedicated to helping homeowners save energy, estimates that the average homeowner pays about $100 more every year to power up energy vampires. Nationally, more than $10 billion is spent by Americans on these appliances that aren’t in use. So taking action to stop wasting energy will not only save you some energy dollars, but you’ll also contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Here’s a four-step process for putting energy vampires to rest.

  1. Buy Energy Star-qualified products, which are guaranteed to use less energy.
  2. Use Energy Star settings on available equipment, such as computers. These settings will automatically send the equipment into power-saving mode.
  3. Plug what you can into a power strip, so it’s easy to shut several devices down with the flip of one switch.
  4. Unplug chargers once you’re done powering a device. Yes, it requires an extra moment to unplug and plug back in later, but this simple action can result in worthwhile energy savings.

Because most Tucson homeowners spend the majority of their energy budgets on heating and cooling, one of the best steps you can take to ensure energy savings is to service your HVAC equipment each year. Doing so will keep it working at peak efficiency.

For more information about energy vampires, energy savings or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact Rite Way Ventilating Co.We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Tucson area.

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