Impact Heating And Cooling Efficiency: Your Home’s Ductwork, HVAC Equipment And Thermostat Work As A System

To have the greatest impact on heating and cooling efficiency, it’s imperative to understand how your ductwork, HVAC equipment and thermostat work together. Your thermostat monitors the temperature of your home and notifies the system when the temperature drops below, or rises above, your chosen setting. Your HVAC system then takes the cue and generates hot or cool air, which is delivered by the ducts that run through your home.

If any of these three components are damaged, improperly installed or not regularly maintained, you can lose a lot of money in energy costs and your system can struggle to keep your home comfortable. Keeping your system running at optimal efficiency not only saves you money while keeping comfortable temperatures in your home, but also reduces air emissions, saves natural resources and contributes to a cleaner environment.

You should have your HVAC system professionally inspected annually, check your filters monthly and replace or clean as needed and ensure your ducts are properly sealed and insulated. Disconnected and damaged ducts can allow large losses of air and energy.

Duct connections should be inspected and repaired and holes and leaks should be sealed using a mastic sealant or metal tape. Any kinks should be fixed so that there is no restriction in airflow and connections to the walls, floors and ceilings should be checked to ensure there is no air loss. Insulation should be installed in non-conditioned spaces and a technician should check to ensure air is being circulated efficiently.

Turn your thermostat down during times that no one is home and avoid turning it up high in hopes of quickly cooling or heating your home — this doesn’t heat or cool more quickly but it can allow for a waste of energy. Try turning it down a few degrees at night, this helps cut down on your energy bill.

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