Attic Fans Are A Key Strategy To Whole-House Comfort

It may seem counterproductive to insulate an attic only to encourage airflow with vents and attic fans, but it’s this combination that is essential to whole-house comfort. In the summer, a well-ventilated attic moves overheated air out. This protects the roof shingles from heat damage, removes moisture, and makes it easier to cool your home. Using an attic fan is a great solution in order to allow ventilation and ensure whole-house comfort.

There are two main types of attic fans, which are roof fans that are installed on the top of the roof and gable-wall fans that replace simple gable vents. Gable-wall fans are easier and less inexpensive to install because shingles don’t need to be disturbed. A knowledgeable technician will be able to tell you which fan is appropriate for your situation.

Attic fans are excellent for cooling hot attics because they draw in cool outside air from attic vents at the soffits and gables of the roof, and then send the scorching air out through vents along the ridge line. If your attic has soffit vents that are blocked by insulation, or the attic isn’t well-sealed off from the conditioned areas of your house, your attic fan will pull cool air from your home and into the attic. You don’t want the uninhabited attic to be cooled by your air conditioner, so be sure your attic is well ventilated and sealed off from the air-conditioned areas of your home to prevent energy waste.

Fiberglass rolls are simple to install as a do-it-yourself project, but other forms of insulation may require a knowledgeable technician. You may choose to call in a technician to install your insulation no matter what because of the unbearable temperatures in the attic of your Tucson home. Remember, though, that a 110-degree attic will be far more beneficial than a 140-degree attic.

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